Winning Plans. Planning Wins

Starting the year with a financial plan is always a sound decision. The two most important aspects of this plan are; the money you save and the money you spend. You can create a money management plan that works for you and is simple too! Do you currently have a savings account with an active balance? Do you have a savings account or a bank account at all? If not, no worries! This savings plan is simple and can be done as often as you choose! More importantly no bank account in needed! Here’s how it goes: 1. Find an envelope, any size and any color. 2. Write on that envelope “Savings 2017” or any other inspirational title for yourself. 3. Now for everyday of the year, put away that number of dollars. For example, on January 1st, we would have put away $1. Then on January 2nd we would have put away $2 dollars. 1+2=3. By January 3rd we would have $3 dollars to add $3 more dollars to, giving us a total of $6.00. Simple right? A modified version of this plan would be to save $1 dollar per day everyday. 4. Finally, put the envelope in a secure place. Either somewhere that the family could see it as a goal to work toward or somewhere secretive. The choice is yours! By the end of the year, you could have saved anywhere from $365 – $1378! How’s that for an end year celebration!

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